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“The stomach bloat, gassy belly, abdominal bloating and gas pain digestive enzyme supplement for today’s stressful lives and poor diets.”


If you have gas, bloating, indigestion or heartburn then you have come to the right place.  Here you will learn about the absolutely critical elements of proper digestion that modern food production kills and why so many people today suffer from painful gas and bloating.   At your finger tips is 10 pages of free information and if you need, revolutionary products only available here that help.  We are the experts on healthy digestion and on this site we will show you how you can find long term relief like we have done for thousands of others like Carol below:

” I have tried many digestive enzymes, and perhaps they were helpful; none however, eliminated the pain/gas/bloat I have experienced for the past eight months. I’ve been tested for SIBO, had ultra sounds, and stomach CT scans, all negative. Have tried endless homeopathic remedies, none has done what your bottle of No-Bloat miracle capsules has….Given me back my life. Thank you!!”    Carol T.  Pasadena, CA.”  *

After you read this page explore our (What Enzymes Do) and (Foods That Cause Bloating, gas pain and flatulence) web pages to learn exactly what your body needs to be free from gas and bloating.  Modern food production has lead to an alarming increase in people suffering from gas, indigestion and bloating issues.  Until recently there has been no natural effective way to help people, in fact many popular gas relief products on the market today are not natural at all; their main ingredient is a chemical related to silicone.   

Another popular/ineffective remedy has caused millions of people to be stuck in a harmful habit of popping antacids which could actually be making their gas and bloating problems worse, and causing constipation; our (Antacids Don’t Work) page will show you why.   1, 2

If you have a number of mysterious digestion problems then maybe our (IBS Relief) page can help shed some light.   If you are looking for a way to boost your weight loss efforts then check out our (Lose Weight) page. 

Supplements are almost always something you just have to have faith in, with real, high quality enzymes you can actually perform simple tests in your own kitchen and witness them working, see our (Test & FAQ) page.

Is digestive enzyme supplementation new?  No, science and doctors have known of the important role they play for decades; what is new is the breakthrough that has enabled large scale farming/growing of digestive enzymes on a scale that makes them affordable.  Just as we supplement our diets with vitamins we can now supplement our diets with healthy natural digestive enzymes that our food should contain but often no longer does.  We supplement vitamins because we know our diets are lacking in vitamins, now we can do the same with digestive enzymes and for the same reason. 

After exploring our website if you feel you need a digestion boost we have the best deal on not just enzymes but the best deal on a huge breakthrough in enzyme supplementation with not just 1 or 2 enzymes but a whopping 18 different enzymes.  Probiotics also play an important role and our (Probiotic Mega Blend™) page will introduce you to the new mega probiotic DE111™.   Gas and bloating can be increased in those who have yeast and/or parasite infections and we have a product for that too… (Yeast and Parasite Colon Cleanse™).  And don’t forget to take a look at our reviews page (Reviews-click) to see how enthusiastically our customers love our products.  

“I was feeling bloated after every meal and had discomfort on a regular basis, No-Bloat solved my problems!   Michelle N.  Salt Lake City, UT.” *

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Unlike old brands of enzyme formulas which contain 1 or 2 enzymes (such as Beano®) or even some which have 5 to 10 enzymes, No-Bloat™ is a carefully crafted blend of 18 specialized digestive enzymes.  No-Bloat™ contains natural plant based enzymes that work both in the stomach and the intestines, aiding digestion through the entire process to help relieve gas pain, stomach bloating, intestinal gas and IBS symptoms. Each enzyme has a separate role in the long chain of events that must take place before food is broken down into small enough particles to be available for nutrient absorption.1,2 

Properly broken down food will nourish and fuel the body.  Poorly digested food can poison and bog the body down, robbing you of nutrients and energy, creating unhealthy conditions throughout the body and causing abdominal bloating, gas pain, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea.  

Why do so many people have digestion problems today?   One reason is that our modern farmed and processed foods have become increasingly devoid of enzymes and probiotics, making it “dead food” (scroll down for more reasons our foods and bodies are deficient of enzymes).  Irradiated fruits, vegetables and meats plus meals loaded with preservatives and chemicals that are then cooked to death simply do not have the enzymes nature intended us to have in our foods. 

Food processors can add back the vitamins that are lost in foods but they can’t add enzymes because the preservatives, processing and cooking kill the natural enzymes.  No-Bloat™ is a sensible solution to today’s digestion problems which plague so many, because No-Bloat™ can replace the enzymes that are lost in modern food production.   

No-Bloat™ is made in FDA registered and inspected facilities and is all natural and completely plant based, there are no cheap animal based enzymes in No-Bloat™ and no fillers.  To ensure freshness No-Bloat™ is only available directly from SciTrition (store bought supplements and supplements bought through online resellers are often very old when you buy them).  Buying direct also cuts out middlemen, distributors and retailer mark-ups so you get the absolute best prices.

The 18 different enzymes in No-Bloat™ help with the complete breakdown of your meals by providing enzymes targeted to every food group, helping your body to efficiently digest all manner of hard to digest foods such as fibers, fats, sugars, carbohydrates, minerals and lactose from dairy.  Plus, No-Bloat™ has 5 different enzymes that break down proteins from meats, nuts, eggs, vegetables, beans and dairy products.  No-Bloat™ contains natural Aspergillopepsin, Peptidase, Protease 1 and 2, Bromelain, Papain, Amylase and Glucoamylase which can help people with minor intolerances to Gluten3

No-Bloat™ even helps break down complex drinks like beer, which can cause your stomach and intestines to bloat with gas. Combine these powerful enzymes with our DE111™ containing Probiotic Mega Blend  for an even bigger digestion boost.

If you experience bloating and painful gas after eating or if you seem to be bloated all the time whether you have eaten or not, then you owe it to yourself to experience the relief that enzymes, natures perfectly designed digestion miracles, can offer. Remember, you have nothing to lose because No-Bloat™ and all our products come with a 100% money back guarantee. Link:  Read Reviews

What No-Bloat™ does:  Enzymes break down the foods we eat, and drinks we drink. The closer your body can get to the optimal amount of digestive enzymes the better your digestion will be.  In order to experience gas and bloat free digestion of meals, food must pass quickly and efficiently through our digestive systems. Stomach acid will not digest your food by its self; enzymes must be present for proper digestion to take place. 

When the body has too little enzymes available because our foods are dead, the body compensates by adding more digestive acid which can lead to gas, bloating, acid indigestion and acid reflux. 

Without enough digestive enzymes food can sit in the stomach too long and contribute to bloating.  If there are not sufficient enzymes available in the intestines then poorly digested food that passes from the stomach can linger too long in the intestines and start to rot and ferment, setting off a bad chain reaction that can cause all manner of maladies on top of extreme gas and abdominal bloating.  This poorly digested food may eventually pass into the colon (large intestine) where it will continue to rot and ferment, giving off large amounts of gasses which can cause abdominal bloating, flatulence, cramps, gas pain and even constipation or diarrhea and an overall unhealthy feeling.1,4,8 

This is why bloating can seem like it’s just occurring in the stomach or often times it feels as if the entire abdominal region is bloated because there are bloat causing problems occurring in the stomach, intestines and colon.  No-Bloat™ can replace the enzymes we would normally get from healthy raw foods, helping to restore digestion efficiency to the entire digestive tract.    

Many people get tired and fatigued after eating.   An unhealthy digestive system is easily overloaded and a meal without sufficient enzymes is very difficult to digest.  When your body has to expend too much energy on digestion you experience fatigue.  Enzymes help the body digest food more efficiently and quickly, reducing the energy the body needs to spend on digestion and giving us more energy for day-to-day activities.  

What it costs and how to buy it:  Click here or visit the Order Products page in the menu above and you will see how you can get special discounts and “buy two bottles – get one free” specials.   

More information on No-Bloat™ :

Modern food production, processing and preparation have greatly reduced enzymes levels in our foods via six major developments:

  1. Depleted farm soils requiring artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
  2. Preservatives.
  3. Irradiating of fruits, vegetables and meats.
  4. Pasteurization of dairy products.
  5. Cooking and Microwaving of foods.
  6. Commercial or Thermal sterilization of packaged foods.

The foods humans once ate were rich in enzymes that assisted digestion.  Modern farming has left our soils depleted of the enzymes we should be getting in our food.  Once farm soils have lost their natural enzyme and nutrient level farmers add chemical fertilizers, on top of that they add damaging pesticides.

Preservatives are present in most processed foods, fast foods and restaurant meals.   Preservatives extend the shelf life of foods but can destroy essential enzymes in the food.  Some preservatives are actually “anti-enzymatic” preservatives; meaning their sole purpose is to kill enzymes in the food.

Fruits and vegetables are often irradiated which kills not only bacteria but also the abundant enzymes contained in them.  Even some meats are irradiated.

Pasteurization destroys the enzymes and beneficial bacteria in the dairy products we consume. One of the reasons people who live in unspoiled areas, living off the land, eating healthy natural raw foods have far fewer instance of digestive problems is that they have a diet naturally abundant in enzymes.   Fruits and vegetables grown in healthy natural soil are rich in enzymes, unpasteurized milk and cheese products are also rich in enzymes.  Modern farmed fruits and vegetables and our pasteurized dairy products unfortunately are very lacking in enzymes.

Cooking foods over 118 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the enzymes in those foods. Wet enzymes like those in foods die at 118oF while dry enzymes like those in digestive enzyme supplements survive from 140oF to 150oF until exposed to moisture. Even though we do not often cook foods such as baked goods, bread, tortillas and pastries they are cooked while they are being made, so enzymes are destroyed.  Obviously TV dinners, pizzas and other frozen meal items are either cooked during making or during preparation, or both.  Microwave cooking will also eliminate enzymes.

Many processed or packaged foods are sterilized in large Commercial or Thermal sterilization units that can hold many tons of packaged, processed and/or canned foods.   This sterilization process heats the foods sufficiently to kill bacteria but at the same time kills off beneficial enzymes.   

Aging has an effect on enzyme levels as well.  As we get older our body’s ability to produce digestive enzymes is reduced.1,5  It’s no wonder why foods and drinks we once enjoyed without problems become intolerable when we start to get a bit older.   Supplementing your diet with natural plant based enzymes is a logical choice and remedy to combat digestive problems.  We are confident the 18 enzymes in No-Bloat™ will prove so effective and the benefits so broad, you will not want to eat a meal without it.  If you are not absolutely delighted and amazed with how well No-Bloat™ works, we offer a no-risk, 90 day, 100% money back guarantee!  

The great antacid conspiracy!  We all know our bodies well enough to know that indigestion, gas and bloating are often a product of poor digestion.  Yet modern habits and beliefs says we should wait until we get ugly and uncomfortable gas and bloating (again) and then pop Tums® after Tums® (or prescription remedies) knowing it will only give us brief relief (we hope) from the discomfort.   Tums®, Rolaids® and Maalox® type products treat the symptom and not the cause of gas and bloat.  

Wouldn’t it make more sense to improve your digestion and PREVENT gas and bloating?  But what options for relief do we have?  Not much until No-Bloat was created.

Popping Tums® often causes the condition to worsen.  A MAIN CAUSE OF POOR DIGESTION IS LOW STOMACH PH! 6,7  By taking antacids you hope to give yourself brief relief by reducing gas, but you are also reducing your digestive acid level.  Proper acid levels are essential to complete digestion, when you reduce those levels you create a situation where food cannot be properly broken down in the stomach, which leads to? You guessed it, Gas, Bloating and Indigestion!

Antacids are notorious for causing constipation and to make matters worse, constipation further exaggerates bloating.  The super wide range of digestive, all natural, vegetarian enzymes in NO-BLOAT™ can actually improve bowel movement function.  

Of course some people do suffer from over production of acid and for them the natural roll enzymes play in proper digestion are just as important as they are to those with low acid levels. 

Enzymes are not very well known by most of the human population yet.  Most people’s only experience with digestive enzymes is from trying Beano®.   Many had poor or no relief and so gave up on enzymes.  The reason is that Beano® contains just one enzyme, alpha galactosidase.  No-Bloat™ also contains alpha galactosidase PLUS 17 additional, important enzymes. 

Different enzymes work in different areas of the digestive system.  Some work best in the upper stomach, others in the lower stomach, while others work best in the intestines.  Enzymes are very specific in their role of breaking down food as well.  One enzyme will break down the food to certain components then others take over by breaking down those new components.   A proper blend of enzymes can assist the body with the entire process of breaking down the foods we eat; all the way to the fully digested state that our bodies need for gas and bloat free digestion, proper absorption of nutrients and efficient bowel movements.  9,10

Agriculture uses enzyme blends to improve digestion in cattle.  Of course ranchers don’t have their cows telling them how much better the enzymes make their tummies feel, but they can see the benefits in the health of their animals and scientific studies prove it.   So why don’t people use enzymes as commonly as antacids?  Dollar$.  There is big, big money in antacids, heartburn relief chemicals and prescription remedies.   It’s much more profitable selling band aids that treat the symptoms of a condition over and over for years, than it is to prevent it.  No Bloat™ was developed to change this with a specific enzyme blend that can help prevent gas and bloat from becoming a problem. 

Digestive enzymes and Probiotics are an important part of returning your digestive system to good health.   Many common illnesses have been traced to poor digestion and the resulting toxicity of the body and decreased nutrient absorption.  Many people report a host of very pleasant improvements in their bodies and lifestyle after they have corrected their digestive problems. 

Its certainly worth the effort to try and improve your digestion, everyone is different but some are surprised to notice beneficial side effects which may include improvements in symptoms of depression, fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), skin problems, flatulence, poor concentration and memory retention and excessive weight.1  Good health and good digestion go hand in hand.

Next time you sit down to a meal that you know is going to give you a bloated belly, or you start to get that painful gas or indigestion feeling, reach for a No-Bloat capsule instead of antacids, and feel the revolution.  You can get healthy, long lasting relief from the natural, safe enzymes that can break down the undigested food that is rotting in your bowels and creating stomach bloating gas…..guaranteed or your money back!! 

Buy Direct and save!!  Top quality plant based enzymes are expensive, you could easily pay $40, even $50 at vitamin and health food stores for top quality enzymes, but you still won’t get the broad spectrum of 18 specialized enzymes that make No-Bloat™ so effective. Remember, the closer your body can get to the optimal amount of digestive enzymes the better your digestion will be.  Cheap enzyme supplements only have a few enzymes and often have inexpensive animal sourced enzymes such as Ox Bile, which is not very effective or appetizing.   Today you can get this amazing enzyme formula and save $20 or more per bottle over the retail price by buying direct.  

BEER DRINKERS REJOICE!!  Alcohol is anti-bacterial; it can kill off the good, beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract.  We all know that yeast is not affected by alcohol; in fact yeast actually produce alcohol and bloat causing carbon dioxide gas as they eat.  This is an unhealthy combination because the more the beneficial bacteria die off, the more the natural yeast/bacteria balance is thrown off and yeast can take over and proliferate. 

Taking No-Bloat™ digestive enzymes and Probiotic Mega Blend™ beneficial bacteria can restore the balance.  So, if you love beer but as you’ve gotten older have noticed that beer makes you bloat up like a balloon, or you’ve got that unattractive beer belly, then give us a chance to help you enjoy beer again!  

The pictures above are an actual beer loving No-Bloat user.  This was accomplished by taking SciTrition products for just over 30 days.  These amazing results were from gas and bloating reduction not weight loss.  Drinking beer had become so bloating that he rarely enjoyed a beer anymore. Within a week he could once again enjoy beer and his favorite foods without uncomfortable bloating. *

Beer is a special problem when it comes to bloating.  Beer contains carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, carbon dioxide and many beers contain live yeast cells.   One fiber in beer is the same as the undigestible fiber found in beans.   This mixture creates a perfect storm of bloat causing ingredients that many people find intolerable.   No-Bloat’s special combination of digestive enzymes break down the carbohydrates, protein, fiber and yeast in beer and in addition includes a broad array of enzymes that help digest the fiber, fats and proteins in your food, providing a powerful, natural blend that can tackle any combination of meal and/or beverages.

Taking No Bloat with beer and/or beer and your favorite foods, can restore the pleasure of enjoying a good beer.  So don’t fear the pizza, hot wings and beer when enjoying the game with the guys any longer, No-Bloat is here to help!

We also highly recommend you take our Probiotic Mega Blend as a powerful one-two punch to help get your system back to being able to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages again.  Probiotic Mega Blend helps restore the beneficial bacteria that alcohol kills. Take it with No-Bloat every day to help keep your digestive system healthy. Perhaps the best part of our program is its all natural and healthy, the way it should be! 

No-Bloat gives beer drinkers something exciting to raise a toast to!

Enjoy life more, take the step to alleviating that ugly bloat!

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* We cannot guarantee specific results like those in our customer’s testimonials, as your results can vary. However we do offer a generous 90 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with your personal results.

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No-Bloat™ Stops Stomach Bloat & Gas pain! *