No-Bloat™ test & FAQ

Proof No-Bloat™ enzymes work:  You can test the effectiveness of No-Bloat™ at home.  Below are two tests you can perform to see the outstanding effectiveness of No-Bloat™ on hard to digest foods. 

A)  Oatmeal:  Simply cook a single serving portion of oatmeal (a hard to digest carbohydrate food) and let it cool down.  It should have thickened up.  Now separate a capsule of No-Bloat™ and sprinkle 1/3 of the powder contents onto the oatmeal and stir thoroughly, then sprinkle the other 1/3 in and stir thoroughly and finally the last 1/3 and stir well.   Before you are even done stirring the last 1/3 into the oatmeal it will start to breakdown and become watery and continue to turn into liquid.

B)  Tough, cheap, shoe leather steak (a hard to digest protein food):   Take a single portion (3-6 ounces) of raw, unfrozen, tough steak and with a BBQ fork or other sharp fork pierce the steak all over on both sides so the enzymes can get into the meat.  Separate 1 or 2 No-Bloat™ capsules and stir well into a small glass of room temperature water.  Put the meat in a small bowl so that the water and enzyme mixture will cover the meat.  Slowly pour the water and enzymes over the tough meat so that it can get down into the meat.  Leave sitting for 10 minutes then one hour in the refrigerator and the steak will become very tender.  (Be careful not to use too much No-Bloat™ or leave it sitting for too long as the meat may feel mushy when chewed or may get a texture resembling predigested food.)   Cook the steak as usual and enjoy!  

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How many No-Bloat™ capsules do I take?
One capsule is usually fine for small meals; most have better results taking two capsules before larger meals.  Some people are fine taking just one capsule before each meal even with dinner size meals.  Experiment for your best results. 

Probiotic Mega Blend™ is taken 1-3 capsules per day preferably with meals.

2)  Does No-Bloat™ contain animal enzymes? 
No!  Enzymes derived from pigs or Ox bile are found in cheap enzyme supplements and are NOT part of No-Bloat’s™ wide spectrum of enzymes.  No-Bloat™ is 100% vegetarian.

3)  How do I know No-Bloat™ will work for me?
No-Bloat™ has proven to be an effective wide spectrum enzyme supplement for many people.  Enzymes control digestion in everyone, but not everyone’s digestion problems are from enzyme deficiency.  Hopefully you will be amongst the many that experience great relief from bloating and gas.  However nothing works 100% for everyone, not prescription drugs nor supplements.  We are very confident you will be very pleased with the results from No-Bloat™ but if for any reason you are not, you can get a full and cheerful refund.

4)  Will No-Bloat™ stop Gluten intolerance?
Gluten is a grain protein that needs to be broken down by protein enzymes.  No-Bloat™ contains Aspergillopepsin and Peptidase DPPIV; studies have shown these enzymes when combined with other protein enzymes such as proteases 1 & 2 and Bromelain and Papain which are in No-Bloat™, can break down Gluten protein which may help those with mild sensitivity to Gluten. 1,2,3   No-Bloat™ is not intended to allow those with Celiac disease to tolerate Gluten.    No-Bloat™ does not treat or cure any disease.      

5)   Why does No-Bloat™ need so many different enzymes?
In order for No-Bloat™ to be so effective it needs to address the proper breakdown of ALL foods, not just some.  No one should have to analyze every ingredient in their drinks, appetizer, main course and desert to determine if they are taking the enzymes needed to break down the entire meal.  If just one important enzyme is missing then you may not experience relief from bloating and gas.  The cheap, incomplete enzyme blends on the market save money by leaving out the specialized enzymes contained in No-Bloat™, and that’s why they might not work as well or maybe not at all.  The closer your body can get to the optimal amount of digestive enzymes the better your digestion will be.   

6)  Why do I need enzymes now when I did not need them before?
As we age our bodies produce less enzymes.  Also, a sickness, a round of antibiotic therapy or a change in diet can upset the digestive system and what once worked fine all on its own,  suddenly needs help.  Enzymes are natural.  Pesticides, drugs, pollution and constant stress are unnatural occurrences that reduce enzyme levels.

7)  Do I need to take No-Bloat™ with every meal?
Maybe not.  Over time No-Bloat™ can help your digestive system gain in strength and efficiency by taking a heavy burden off of it while its unhealthy.  This can allow your natural digestive process to improve.  Some people go down to just one capsule per meal or only take it with meals and beverages they know cause problems. 

8)   Does stomach acid render the enzymes ineffective?
Absolutely not.  The enzymes in No-Bloat™ are unaffected by stomach acid.  The wide spectrum of enzymes in No-Bloat™ become active at different PH levels and therefore starts working in the upper stomach all the way into the intestines.   In fact some of the Enzymes in No-Bloat™ require the high acid content of the stomach to do their work.  Others are activated in the more base PH level of the intestines, NONE are dissolved by stomach acid. 

9)  Are the enzymes affected by heat?
Wet enzymes like those in foods die at 118oF while dry enzymes like those in digestive enzyme supplements survive from 140oF to 150oF until exposed to moisture. 

10)  Can taking enzymes help me lose weight?
Enzymes are not diet pills but some people find they help make it easier to lose weight.  Enzymes increase your body’s ability to break down and absorb nutrients; therefore less food may need to be eaten in order to satisfy the body’s nutrient needs.  You are less likely to feel hungry, over eat and snack if your body is telling you its needs are met.

11)  Why is it that I had no digestive issues when I was younger?
As with most things connected with aging our body’s ability to produce enzymes diminishes with age.  The young body that could eat pizza, hot wings and guzzle beer with no ill effects has huge problems digesting unhealthy and hard to break down mixtures as we get older. 

12)  How does No-Bloat™ reduce gasses such as carbon dioxide in our digestive system?
No-Bloat’s™ unique wide spectrum blend actually breaks down the components of gas producing foods, reducing them to new components that do not produce gas.   It is food that is not broken down or only partially broken down that can cause gas.  

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