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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Gas and Bloating Relief


If you have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or suspect you may have the condition our hearts go out to you.  IBS is the “chronic fatigue syndrome” of the digestive system.  

When a person suffers from a host of digestive problems that remain unexplained even after doctor visit after doctor visit and test after test, the diagnosis is often…….you have IBS.

Giving it a name however, does not relieve the symptoms.  There are many theories out there as to the cause of this mysterious malady ranging from viral or bacterial infections, signaling problems between the brain and the digestive system, genetics, food allergies and yeast infections, to stress, depression and/or anxiety.

No matter what the cause, if you can improve your digestive process it can provide great relief from some of the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS. 

A digestive system struggling through IBS is a broken system, limping along and often getting worse because each improperly digested meal after the other continues to overburden an already overstressed and overworked system which is steadily falling behind.

There is no known cure for IBS but a digestion boosting program of enzymes and probiotics has shown in Doctor studies and scientific papers to be an effective way for some people to relieve some of the uncomfortable or painful side effects, such as gas, bloating and for some even help with diarrhea or constipation.    1,2

This makes perfect sense because a majority of IBS symptoms are related to poor digestion.   Our products can help with that by improving digestion, like they did for Holly below:

” I’m in tears writing this. I have tried everything I have heard of to help with my gas/bloating/digestive issues and never had much luck other than Apple cider vinegar from time to time but not always. I have IBS/gastritis/slowed digestion and had a colon ressection and have been depressed from being so bloated and uncomfortable. THANK YOU for making this product. I can safely eat foods even my healthy foods and not be miserable afterwards. I have only been on it a week but I’m seeing and feeling such a difference.  Thank you so much!
Holly W. Cedar Park, TX”  *    
(More reviews at bottom)

Research studies involving the Gut-Microbiota-Brain axis showed a correlation between IBS and the gut-brain connection.  Gut-Microbiota-Brain axis is a fancy way of saying that microbes in the digestive system can communicate with your brain.   Yes, you read that correctly, the microbes living in your digestive system communicate with your brain!  ⁷ 

These studies showed that conditions of the brain such as stress and traumatic events can affect the gut and conditions in the gut can likewise affect brain function;  contributing to the more mental related symptoms of IBS which some people experience,  such as anxiety, depression, discomfort and/or, loss of appetite . 

An unhealthy overpopulation of bad organisms in the gut can signal the brain to consume more sugary, carbohydrate loaded foods, which feed the bad organisms, disrupt digestion and can produce large amounts of gas and bloating,  and also cause bowel movement problems.  This could then lead to an increase in the mental symptoms of IBS. 

The good bacteria that we depend on and need, can signal the brain to create cravings for foods that are healthy for us and may feed the beneficial bacteria.   Whether the gut-brain connection is the root cause of IBS is still being debated but medical studies involving replenishing the good bacteria in the gut and displacing bad bacteria has worked well for many IBS sufferers. ⁴ ̛   ⁵   ̛   ⁶  

The brain runs your entire body and it depends on the gut to properly process foods into the nutrients the brain needs for itself and to nourish, maintain and grow the entire body.  The two main probiotic organisms outlined in the World Journal of Gastroenterology article entitled “Gut microbiota role in irritable bowel syndrome: New therapeutic strategies”,  as a treatment for IBS symptoms are Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. ⁴   Probiotic Mega Blend™ contains two different Bifidobacteria probiotics and four different Lactobacilli probiotics, and more!  ⁵

Doctors are seeing the value of improving the digestive process in providing relief for IBS sufferers with specific probiotics that we discussed above.   Even more research has shown that a powerful combination of digestive enzymes together with probiotic supplements can be an even more effective course of action. ¹ ̛  ² ̛  ³

A recent IBS medical study published in Frontline Gastroenterology found that a digestive enzyme supplement mixture of lipases, proteases, and amylases (No-Bloat™ contains all of these and more), was effective in reducing IBS diarrhea, cramping, bloating and other symptoms. ³

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause severe digestion problems, so severe that most digestion remedies simply do not help.  Traditional antacids are only able to reduce acid levels in the stomach (which often is a very bad thing for digestion) and can do nothing for gas pain and bloating in the intestines and colon. 

IBS sufferers can also have either diarrhea or constipation; some people fluctuate between both conditions.  People have reported relief from both diarrhea and constipation with No-Bloat™.  How can it help with both you ask?   For many, either condition can be brought on by poor food digestion.  By helping to improve the digestion process it’s possible to experience relief from either condition. 

SciTrition™ has you covered with No-Bloat’s very broad spectrum enzyme blend and to complement No-Bloat™ we offer Probiotic Mega Blend™ with its blend of 7 different probiotic strains including the much researched super probiotic “DE111™”.  No-Bloat™ is the “big guns” when it comes to digestion improvement but probiotics are also a very,  very important element in the digestive process.   We even have great deals on products only available here such as buy 2 bottles of No-Bloat™ and get a free bottle of Probiotic Mega Blend™.

No-Bloat’s 18 digestive enzymes break down food and they can help take a load off of your digestive system.  A stressed out,  overloaded IBS system can benefit from a crutch to allow it to catch up.  Many people are experiencing relief with No-Bloat™ that they had not found in any other digestive aid, prescription or OTC (see testimonials at bottom). *  Our products do not cure or treat IBS, but they can provide relief from the gas pain and bloating that goes along with it and may also improve bowel movement function.  And with our 90 day 100% money back policy,  you know you can get a full refund if you are not completely happy with your personal results. 

10-20 percent of the adult population suffers from IBS but only 5-7 percent have been officially diagnosed with IBS, so there are many, many people out there with IBS that are still searching for answers and a label for their symptoms. 

IBS can have many symptoms and not every person who suffers from IBS will have the same symptoms.  Because the signs and symptoms are so numerous and non-specific it can be difficult to diagnose.   There are no tests to confirm IBS or to diagnose it,  but symptoms include:

      Chronic gas pain and bloating which can occur throughout the entire abdomen (below the chest and above the hips) or occur in random spots or seem to move around the abdomen.

      Constipation and/or diarrhea.  As mentioned some IBS sufferers have either/or, some have both on different occasions and some do not experience this.  Most however will notice that their bowel movements are not normal and may be ribbon like, pencil thin or loose.

►      Feeling full when only a small amount has been eaten or even when nothing has been eaten for hours.  

      Nausea and heartburn.

      Sudden and/or urgent bowel movements.

      Lower back pain.

      Lack of energy.

      Sometimes IBS is accompanied by psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and confused thought patterns.

Below you can read SciTrition product reviews from people who have been diagnosed with IBS and others that exhibit signs of having IBS. *


” I’m 33 years old and have been suffering for years from IBS-C. I’ve tried many promising remedies out there, including an antidepressant which was prescribed by my gastroenterologist, to find relief. While the antidepressant actually worked better than most other things I had tried, the side effects were too much for me. Then I found No-Bloat and I can honestly say it’s the only thing I’ve ever taken before a meal that will completely prevent the pain, discomfort, cramps and tight stomach that plague me. 

If all this sounds familiar to you, this product will help.

Viktoria T. Chicago, IL ”   *


” After suffering from ibs and bloated stomach problems for years i tried no-bloat.  I was skeptical at first after trying all the different other products which did not work.  i have never felt better in years, and dont have to worry about watching what i eat, no bloat takes care of  the problem.  i wish i would have found it sooner.  

Great product!   Charles G. W.,  Corry, Pa. ”  *


” Unbelievable, I have always been skeptical of online products and reviews.  However after many doctor visits and even surgery for diverticulosis, and still feeling miserable after every meal, I was desperate.  My wife was online researching symptoms of gas, stomach pain, and irregular bowels she found the No Bloat website.  After reading all the testimonials I thought “what the heck” let’s try it.

Within two days of starting No Bloat and the Probiotic combination I was feeling back to my old self, no more extreme gut pains after eating or being awakened in the middle of the night.  I take the combo daily and am a firm believer.




” THANK YOU! I suffered so much before No Bloat. My entire body was so out of whack, I had no idea what was happening to me. I experienced everything from gas, cramping, heartburn constipation, and the worst was the bloating. No matter what I ate, I instantly looked like a man 3 months pregnant. I eliminated so many foods from my diet but wasn’t losing any weight and had no energy. I did some on-line research and found your website. It has changed my life! I take No Bloat every a day with each meal and I am getting back to my regular self. I still try to stay away from certain foods but No Bloat is helped my entire body get back on track.



”  Hi There! All people who are suffering from bloat and discomfort…irritable bowel syndrome should know about  No Bloat. I was suffering such discomfort that one evening I decided to search the web to see what I could find to give me some relief. I am happy and quite please to let you know about No Bloat. It works! No kidding. You take one or two capsules before a meal and honestly….no bloat. It is fantastic!  Thank you No Bloat. My stomach finally feels normal with no bloat and I can finally wear my clothes without a big bloated stomach.

Thanks,  Barbara J. S., San Francisco, CA ”  *



” Hi! I want to say thank you for being the only product on the market that actually helped my Irritable Bowel symptoms.

Haani K.  Carbondale, IL ”  *


“Hi ! I suffer chronically from IBS + gas issues. I can truly say that NO BLOAT helped improve my digestion and reduce gas and bloating. ACTUALLY, It helped very much!! I took two capsules, religiously, before each meal and…VOILA! It helped greatly-reduce my usual stomach-bloating. This is a great product…thank you!

Monika S. in Fort Mill, SC ”  *


” I have bloating and horrible gas all the time with my IBS. It has been very depressing. I started using No-Bloat for about a month and I can feel a big difference. Thank you for such a wonderful product as it truly does work!

Jenise P.,  Lees Summit, Mo. ”  *


“ I am 35 years old and was diagnosed at 15 with IBS. I also have suffered with various food sensitivities and allergies, for as long as I can remember.

Over the past 20 years I have tried countless number of probiotics, digestive aids, food eliminations, and even prescriptive aids.  While some of these made a little difference, NOTHING has come close to the immediate results I experienced with No-Bloat!  Not only is my digestion improved, but my energy is amazing!!  My 2 young daughters even comment on how much happier I seem! 🙂

This product is no exaggeration and no gimmick. I have become very leery  of trying new products over the years, presuming I am probably just wasting my money yet AGAIN. But after reading all the fantastic user reviews for No-Bloat, I finally decided to give it a shot.  SO SO glad I did!  I even decided to try my usual digestive aid/probiotic when I ran out of my last bottle of No-Bloat, just to be certain…  Well, back to the same old horrendous bloating I had in prior days! And yes, my children did notice right away, and begged me to, “Go back to the magic pills” : )  They are exactly right, No-Bloat is like magic!

Tiffany B.,  Columbus, Ohio “  *


” My name is Mike, and since I began using SciTrition’s No-Bloat digestive enzymes my stomach deficiencies have subsided significantly. I, unfortunately, was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 12 and have ever since been looking for supplements and/or medications that would reduce the pain I live with every day. In addition to my IBS, I have fallen victim to GERD (more commonly known as acid reflux). No matter what foods I ate my body had difficulty digesting them properly, especially since my diet mainly consists of high fiber and protein foods which are hard to digest even in the absence of digestion difficulties. Thanks to SciTrition’s No-Bloat supplement I now find myself using the restroom MUCH less and, and I no longer have that “wind knocked out of me” feeling in my stomach after every meal. Also, the gas has disappeared! Thank you for an amazing product SciTrition, and keep up the great work.
Mike P., Detroit, MI. ”  *


” I’m Dawn, i have thyroid issues, gastritis, my gallbladder out, then partial hysterectomy and now dxd with IBS.  I have bloated out, misserable gas pain. But, no bloat has helped me immensely. I still have issues on some days but nothing like i was, i will continue to order your No Bloat product.

Thank you so so much. A miracle in my book. 🙂

Dawn R. Barksdale AFB,  LA. ”  *


” Thank you so much for an opportunity to tell how much I liked your No-Bloat product. I was diagnosed with “Irritable Bowel Syndrome when I was in my 20’s. I thought for years that I would have to live with the discomfort of trapped gas in my stomach and bowels. I tried a lot of different products. Some helped a little and some didn’t help at all. Then I happened upon an internet ad for your product and decided after reading all the benefits that I would give it a try. I was really happy with the way it eliminated alot of the gas and bloating. I take it before my heaviest meals and I do not experience so much bloating problems.

 Thanks again,  Vickie Andrews ”  *


” I honestly did not think the No-Bloat was working until I stopped using it.  I have IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) as well as inflammatory auto-immune disorder throughout my body.  My stomach bloats out when I drink just water.  However, after I stopped using the No-Bloat, I noticed my stomach was constantly bloated.  At least when I’m using it, my stomach seems to go down somewhat, especially in the evening and the morning.  I do believe this is a great product and once I started using it more often during the day, it began controlling the unsightly “bump” in my mid-section throughout the day.  I am glad I gave it a second try and will continue to keep using it.  

Sharon M., Seminole, FL ”  *


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* Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee specific results like those in our customer’s testimonials, as your results can vary. However we do offer a generous 90 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with your personal results.

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